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We are an independent publishing press from Edinburgh, Scotland, (not to be confused with our US cousin, Sterling Publishing), and we believe in doing things a little differently. We're writers ourselves and we know how intimidating, even cold-hearted, the publishing world can seem - and so we pride ourselves on getting the best deals for our authors. You wrote an incredible piece of work, and you deserve to be financially recompensed for your efforts - writing is work as much as any other job (although we like to think of it as more rewarding than the average toil).


We began as Stirling Robyns Publishing (the remnants of that might still be seen on our Submittable portal) but in 2017 the two creators  parted very amicably, taking their respective imprints with them. The editors will still work together on future projects, and Oscar's two imprints, Pull The Pin Press and Frontier Gallows Books are certain to grow from strength to strength: we wish our brilliant, courageous brother every success.


So Stirling Publishing is now a separate entity with our two imprints, Stone Cold Fox Press and Skiddaw Books covering most genres. Our list is growing and we welcome submissions from agented and non-agented writers. Commissioning Editor Tabby is particularly interested in historical non-fiction and biographies of game-changing individuals for Stone Cold Fox, while Associate Editor Laura is keen to get her hairs standing on end with dark psychological thrillers for Skiddaw. Like all publishers, we want to find the brightest and best literature, be it flash, poetry, or full-length projects, and to bring them alive for readers around the world.


It is worth bearing in mind that we are a traditional publisher using professional print runs to produce book of the highest quality, with two glorious imprints that reflect different genres. We have recently been accepted by Vinehouse UK for a distribution partnership, which means that our books will be available in all retail outlets, including libraries, both nationally and internationally.

To get a better feel for us and what we do, please feel free to check out our blog.



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