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Aphra's Child

Lesley Glaister



Award-winning and critically acclaimed author Lesley Glaister brings all her literary storytelling skills to this dark and magical fantasy about a young woman, Tula, who inhabits a frightening world where hiding your differences is the only way to survive and trusting the wrong person can be fatal.


Packed with twists and adeptly exploring the themes of betrayal, resistance, the strength of love and all the intricacies of teenage relationships, Aphra’s Child will capture the attention and the admiration of readers who savour accomplished fantasy coupled with bewitching writing that echoes Joan Aitkin and Philip Pullman.


Launched in October 2018, with accompanying events in Blackwell's of Edinburgh and Watertones in Glasgow. Although we always recommend you buy from our independent booksellers, Aphra's Child is currently available in paperback on Amazon if there isn't a stockist near you or can be purchased from Waterstones.

"A wonderful tale. A rich, dark, imaginative world described so brilliantly as to feel real. The characters range from warm and engaging to chillingly dark and are all very human, even when they aren't. The plot is fast paced and exciting, gathering momentum as it leads you along to a conclusion which hopefully leaves plenty of scope for the story to continue in further books. There are moments of levity and despair throughout, making a rollercoaster of a read. The kind of fantasy a reader dreams of, timeless, exciting, draws you in from the beginning and leaves you wanting more." 

"This story of drama and substance makes for compulsive reading. In Aphra's Child, Glaister has created a convincing world, which has important resonances for our real one." 

"Glaister's worldbuilding could rival anyone's, even the greats of the fantasy genre, her characters are beautifully painted and interesting, and I look forward to both the world and the characters evolving over the upcoming books ... This is one of the most refreshing fantasy titles I've had the pleasure to read recently, and the message it holds about being true to yourself no matter the consequences is one I can completely get behind." 



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