26th February 2018



'Fingers Crossed'

Sandra Davies




'Time for Dancing'

Benjamin Newgard




'You Are Not Baba Yaga'

Michael Fertik



13th January 2018




Fingers Crossed - Sandra Davies

Nothing to Do in August - Lou Allison

We Named Her Tabitha - Erin Kirsh


Honourable mention: Dying Together - Summer Jackson





Gardening Tips from Yuri Gagarin - Sherry Morris

Grief Holes - Rod Miller

Time for Dancing - Benjamin Newgard


Honourable mention: Fingernails - Emily Viall





Mestengo - Rod Miller

What Wolfman Knew - Charles Leipart

You Are Not Baba Yaga - Michael Fertik


Honourable mention: Future Past Associates - Karen Eisenbery




22nd December 2017




A Bona Fide Social Worker

Dying Together

Fingers Crossed

John Came Home Different

Nothing to Do in August

The Girl from Magadan

The Knife (A Gift from Dachau)

We Named Her Tabitha






Gardening Tips from Yuri Gagarin

Grief Holes

Oarsmen Wanted

Time for Dancing

The Intersection

The Woman Who Loved Trees






Future Past Associates

Halloween, 2001




To Biscuit

What Wolfman Knew

You Are Not Baba Yaga





Dear Lovely Entrants,


We have been flooded with your talent, stories & creative perspectives and

we are very proud of you all.  However, we have slightly over-estimated ourselves as far as timings go and offer our sincere apologies. Even Hodderscape had to push back their announcement dates for their submissions so we are in good company.


At present we are a small team and we take our reading very seriously and so, to do our authors (that's YOU!) and your stories justice, we are going to ask you for some more time to come to our final decisions.  


The new timings are as follows:


There will be a published long list & short-list and successful entrants will be contacted and announced before or during DECEMBER 2017. Our first, second and third prize-winners will be announced during or before the end of March 2018.


Thank you SO much for bearing with us and for your patience and understanding


We are very grateful!


Tabby and Laura 









The competition is now closed.  


We've had over 100 entries which is absolutely staggering.


Our massive thanks to all the talented writers who subbed.




Bear with us and check here regularly for updates & news.


Thank you!


Oscar, Tabby & Laura


September 2, 2017



The competition will be open for submissions from 1st January 2017.


We are delighted to announce our inaugural Short Story Competition for 2017 and to welcome Lesley Glaister winner of the Jerwood Prize for fiction and one the finest novelists of our time, to judge the entries.


We have 3 categories.  Micro, Flash and Short Fiction.  There will be one winner from

each category who will win:


A cash prize of $100.00 

Prominence in the resulting published anthology. 

One each of our gorgeous Imprint bookmarks. 

A free reading of their novel/novella/poetry chapbook.

Four free copies of the print edition of the winner's anthology. 

The successful stories printed on our Winner's Page.  


 There is a reasonable entry fee for all submissions.


Micro up to 300 words                    USD  3.00 entry fee

Flash up to 1000 words                   USD  3.00 entry fee

Short Fiction up to 5000 words      USD  3.00 entry fee


We do ask that there are no identifying marks on the uploaded files, this is to ensure all entries can be judged blind.


Your entry must be sent through our Submittable Portal with a short covering letter, brief biographical statement (and any publishing credits) which should be under 500 words in total.


RETURNS/CHANGES: No corrections can be made after submission, nor fees refunded after entry. If you wish to make changes to your story you may re-submit paying another entry fee. No reimbursement will be made for stories that are disqualified for being inconsistent with the Terms and Conditions.


COPYRIGHT: All stories submitted must be original, fictional, and entirely the author’s own work, and not infringe the copyright or any other rights of any third party and not be defamatory of any living person or corporate body. Entries must be in the entrant’s own name.


SIMULTANEOUS SUBMISSION: We respectfully ask that stories should not be entered into other competitions while the judging process is underway unless you receive a rejection notification. After finalists are announced in October 2017, stories that have been eliminated from the Stirling Robyns Short Story Contest 2017 may be submitted

to other competitions.


PREVIOUS PUBLICATIONS: We do accept stories that have been published on a Word Press, Blogger, Facebook or writing group page as long as they are low-traffic sites and the rights are owned by the author.


The competition will be open for entries from 9.00 am (GMT) January 1st, 2017 and will close at Midnight (GMT) on August 31st, 2017.


There will be a published long list & short-list and successful entrants will be contacted and announced before in during DECEMBER 2017.   The first, second and third prize-winners will be announced during or before JANUARY 2018.


All the shortlisted entries will be invited to be part of the winning print anthology published by Stirling Robyns Publishing.


We wish you the best of luck!


The Eds!







1 Dalhousie Terrace



EH10 5NE

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