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 Laura Maria Grierson is the associate editor at Stirling Publishing; she writes for the company blog, handles submissions, and occasionally forays into the dauntingly chipper world of social media.


After finishing her BA in English Studies with Creative Writing, Laura completed her MA in Creative Writing with a distinction. Since then she has been working freelance as a content writer and editor, creating blogs for businesses, editing novels, and offering feedback on academic essays.



 Laura currently showcases her creative and non-fiction writing on her website,, which includes poetry, short stories, and articles.


Her favourite genres are horror, thriller, historical, and, her guilty pleasure, true crime. From nine years old her best-loved novel has been Richard Adams’ Watership Down; in secondary school, this was challenged (but not necessarily beaten) by John Fowles’ The Collector. She cites Charles Patterson’s Eternal Treblinka as the non-fiction book that everyone has to read.


When not writing her own work or editing other people’s, Laura is usually out of the house as much as possible, enjoying seeing new sights or walking her two dogs. She also experiments with vegan cooking, which invariably tastes delicious but doesn’t look as pretty as the recipe pictures.





“It’s a hunger when you sink your teeth into a really good book. You want to devour it, cram in as much as possible, but at the same time you’re trying to savour every mouthful, linger over the flavours of the text, string it out so it never ends. That’s the essence of truly great story-telling.”


“Both writing and reading should be immersive, and yet they are always inextricably tied to the experiences of both writer and reader.”



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