Meet Our Competition Longlist

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

When we opened up our short story competition we never expected to receive such a fantastic range of entries. It's been incredible to see how writers have used form -- some incredibly constricting -- to create stories that touch us.

We received the entries blind (Submittable blocks out the writer's name so we couldn't know who it's by even if we wanted to) so every story received equal consideration. This also means that we can't put the author's name on the longlist, so for now we're just teasing you with the titles!

It hasn't been easy creating a longlist of 8 per form: even this past week we've reconsidered and swapped around, and one of our longlist stories had to be removed because it had been published elsewhere - good news for the author, but a shame for us! Congratulations to the final 24 entries, and we look forward to revealing our final winners in 2018.

For some reason we are unable to reject those entries that unfortunately didn't make it to the longlist. If your entry didn't make it through, please withdraw your entry from Submittable.

Well done again, and good luck to all the longlist entries for next year.


A Bona Fide Social Worker

Dying Together

Fingers Crossed

John Came Home Different

Nothing to Do in August

The Girl from Magadan

The Knife (A Gift from Dachau)

We Named Her Tabitha



Gardening Tips from Yuri Gagarin

Grief Holes

Oarsmen Wanted

Time for Dancing

The Intersection

The Woman Who Loved Trees



Future Past Associates

Halloween, 2001




To Biscuit

What Wolfman Knew

You Are Not Baba Yaga

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