Thank You For 2017

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

It's Christmas Eve, and although really we should be getting ready for family coming round (and really we want to be curled up with tiffin and a novel by candlelight), we couldn't resist wishing you all a Merry Christmas and saying a massive thank you to all of our supporters.

Thank you to the writers that crafted a novel and chose us to submit the first three chapters to. Every time you share your writing with someone -- and, in our case, strangers on the internet -- you're revealing hours of labour and love that nine times out of ten we're forced to say "no thanks" to. So thank you for taking that leap of faith and sending your manuscripts to us on the hope that we just might say yes.

And thank you to those authors whose work we've requested more of, because we're excited to read it and we think it has potential to be sold for the rest of the world to read it, and you could have sent it to any other publishers or agents.

Thank you to the entrants in our short story competition, whose work we loved reading, and which made our job of creating a longlist so difficult!

Thank you to the writers who submitted to our anthology 'The Colour of Madness' with your important writing on mental health in the black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. With your input this anthology is beginning to take form and to champion for representation and acknowledgement.

And thank you to those supporters who have financially contributed to the project. Without you, it couldn't exist, and that's the simple truth. You're helping to make these writings -- and their authors -- visible, and that's exactly what we're striving for.

Thank you to the people who read our blog and who visit our website. Thank you to those who like our Tweets, reply, and retweet them to their followers.

We've had an amazing year: we accepted a couple of manuscripts for publication next year (including Lesley Glaister's new novel!), held our short story competition for micro, flash, and short fiction and created a longlist, and began production of our anthology The Colour of Madness.

Next year we'll announce our competition winners, and you'll see our first book come into print. It's all very exciting stuff, and we could never have done it without you: every little interaction you have with us goes a long way to bringing amazing literature to the public. Thank you again, have a fantastic Christmas, and we've lots to look forward to in the new year!

Laura and Tabby x




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