Competition Shortlist Announced

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

In December we narrowed down our competition entries to produce a longlist of eight entries per category (short story, flash, and micro). It wasn't easy, but we were confident that we had a varied selection of literary, intriguing, and some downright emotive pieces.

But if we thought creating a longlist was difficult, it was nothing compared to narrowing it down to a shortlist. Three per category was a struggle, so much so that we've had to include an "honourable mention" sub-section for those stories that just didn't quite make it into the shortlist (but we wished they could!).

Now that our part of the judging is over (it will be award-winning author Lesley Glaister who picks the final winners), we have decided to unblind our submissions so that we can include the shortlist authors' names.

You can view the shortlist and the previous longlist on our website here, but we've also included them here:


Fingers Crossed - Sandra Davies

Nothing To Do In August – Lou Allison

We Named Her Tabitha – Erin Kirsh

Honourable mention: Dying Together – Summer Jackson


Gardening Tips from Yuri Gagarin – Sherry Morris

Grief Holes – Rod Miller

Time for Dancing – Benjamin Newgard

Honourable mention: Fingernails – Emily Viall


Mestengo – Rod Miller

What Wolfman Knew – Charles Leipart

You Are Not Baba Yaga – Michael Fertik

Honourable mention: Future Past Associates – Karen Eisenbery

We'd just like to reiterate that the longlist winners were the best of our entries, and it has been some of the smallest nuances that set the shortlist ever so slightly above. Congratulations again to all those who made it this far, and thank you for sending us your amazing work.




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