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Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Last November, we made the decision to close our Submittable to unsolicited queries. We were in the process of creating a longlist for our short story competition, acquiring the rights to our first novel, and working with authors whose three chapters had led us to request the full manuscript. Of course, apart from the competition (Lesley Glaister is our final judge, so our part is done -- for now!), everything is still all systems go. We are still handling our #ColourofMadness campaign, which continues to gain traction even though the official funding period on Indiegogo is complete -- thanks again to everyone who donated what they could, and remember that there is still time to be involved, either by backing the project financially or creating content to go in the anthology itself: submissions for your work and the cover design close on the 18th February and 31st January respectively.

Despite everything that's going on, we decided to open up our submissions again, because, hey, we're masochistic like that. But this time we're looking for something in particular. We're looking for a dark psychological thriller: the real can't-put-it-down is-the-creepy-neighbour-watching-me-through-the-window-or-am-I-just-wound-up kinda stuff.

If you think your novel has what it takes to have us looking over our shoulders, we'd love to take a look at it.

Query Laura at, subject line DPT QUERY: '[Title]', [Author] with your cover letter in the body of your email, and a Word document that includes:

1) Copy of the cover letter (please include a brief bio)

2) First 3 chapters

3) Synopsis (about 500 words, but if you think you can do it in 300 or need to push up to a 1,000, that's okay but let's not go above that)

We're a stickler for Word because it's so much easier than PDF to read on a Kindle; and after a long day of looking at a computer screen, sometimes we need to take a break and use the Kindle instead.

Any font you like, as long as it's easy to read, but please could we have it double-spaced and 12 point? Again, just easier on them eyes.

There's no reading fee (didn't we say we're masochistic?) and we're looking to get back to you within 8-12 weeks, but we can't guarantee any correspondence until then.

Any questions, drop an email at or give us a tweet @StirlingPublish

Looking forward to reading your work!




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