Re-Opening Submissions

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Today London Book Fair has drawn to a close, and while we've done some very exciting things and had some excellent interactions with publishers, agents, scouts and writers around our current list, we've felt particularly inspired to just do more. There are so many books and voices out there, and we want to do our best to bring those to people so that they can love them as much as we do.

Which is my long-winded way of saying that we are once again opening general submissions. We have been pretty strict about the kind of manuscript we're looking for, and while we're still very much interested in dark psychological thrillers, we don't want to restrict our writers if they have something else they feel we might be interested in.

We have updated our submissions page to tell you all the technical bits about submitting, but here we want to give you a brief idea of what kind of content we're looking for. We have two imprints, Stone Cold Fox and Skiddaw Books. When submitting you'll need to include which imprint you'd like to be considered by, so we've drawn up a brief guide to help you pick the best home for your manuscript:


Our interests:

-- YA


-- Historical (Phillipa Gregory, Simon Sebag Montifore, Sarah Waters, Hilary Mantel)

-- Fantasy

-- Sci-Fi

-- Romance

Tabby is particularly interested in a Fantasy YA/Adult crossover, Grimdark especially, which isn't afraid to divert from the norm and explore new avenues, such as: Mark Lawrence, Jen Williams, Robin Hobb, Anna Stephens, Josiah Bankcroft.

Our current list includes:

-- Aphra's Child by Lesley Glaister

-- Brotherhood of Shades by Dawn Finch

-- Steggie Belle and The Dream Warriors by Elias Pell


Our interests:

-- Dark psychological thrillers (Gillian Flynn, Patricia Highsmith, Denis Lehane, John Connolly, Shalini Boland)

This genre is Laura's particular interest, and she's looking for something beyond "the weary cop hunting a murderer/missing child" trope, focusing instead on things that can really get under your skin, such as cults, abuse, and kidnapping.

-- Horror

-- Gothic

-- Contemporary fiction (Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie, Zadie Smith, Ian McEwan, Margaret Atwood, Jean Rhys)

-- Novellas

-- Poetry

-- Anthologies

Our current list includes:

-- The Colour of Madness (Anthology) edited by Samara Linton and Rianna Walcott

For more information on submitting, or if you're ready to send us your manuscript, head over to our Submissions page for more details.

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