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Ever fancied winning cool prizes just for reading books and sharing an honest review? Well, we love the books we publish, but we don’t want our readers to take our word for it – we want to hear from impartial people like you who can tell us (and others) what you liked, what didn’t quite float your boat, and what really struck you, good or bad. Sounds great, right? We’ll shortly be launching a book review scheme, where you’ll be treated with exclusive merchandise and opportunities in exchange for an honest review. We love praise for our books and authors as much as anyone else, but we much prefer some honest feedback.

So, how does it work?

It's easy. You write a review of one of our books (remember, we're looking for honesty, not praise-singing) and post it on Goodreads and Amazon. The more books you review, the more exclusive stuff you win. We have two published titles at the moment (The Colour of Madness and Aphra's Child) but our list is growing.

1. Register your interest at with the subject header: Book Reviewer program. Let us know your name, email address, and mailing address.

2. Write your review and upload it on the book's Amazon and Goodreads pages. We're looking for a minimum of 200 words for it to be considered. We also appreciate reviews appearing on personal websites and blogs, but this isn't a requirement.

3. Email us with links to your two reviews and we'll keep track of how many books you've reviewed.

4. You'll be notified when you've reviewed enough books to qualify for a reward and we'll send it over to you.

That's it! As our list grows we might let you know what rewards you can expect and at which milestone -- or we might keep it as a pleasant surprise ;)

Keep up-to-date with our book reviewer program and the rest of our news by following us on Twitter, checking us out on Instagram, or signing up to our mailing list.

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