Short Story Competition Update

Last year we announced the winners of our short story competition: one from each category (short, flash, and micro) won cash prizes, and they and the runners-up will be featured in our competition anthology.

We'd hoped to have the anthology ready for the end of 2018, but we decided to extend the publication date. Our first two books, The Colour of Madness and Aphra's Child, were launched in October and November respectively, and they had obviously taken priority in the autumn months. To have released the competition anthology by Christmas, we would have had to rush it -- and that wasn't something we were prepared to do.

The authors who submitted to us spent a lot of time on their work. The shorter stories might seem easy - there are fewer words, after all - but, as the writers of short fiction can tell you, it's not that simple. Imagine trying to a character, a place, a plot, a conflict within a drastically reduced word count. Often you're shaving a story to the bare minimum without leaving anything out: it's tricky, it takes a lot of work, and we don't want to minimise that (slight pun intended).

So, we have pushed the release date for the anthology to December of this year (2019). This gives us time to devote the attention to it that it deserves.

We know that it's a disappointment for our authors who are waiting to see their stories are print, but we know that this will make everyone involved much prouder of the finished book.

We'll keep you updated as we get closer to publication, but for now, thank you for supporting us and for sharing your stories.




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