We would like to thank everyone who submitted

and we hope to get back to you within 2 months. 


It's a long time when you are waiting for news

about your book but we are a small team

so we would be enormously grateful

for your extended patience.


Thank you SP Team



We are delighted to announce that we are opening submissions for

a two-month window from August 1st - October 1st 2019


We do have a restriction on genres this time though.  Just to keep us fresh.


So this is a list of what we ARE looking for.  

A means that Tabby is particularly looking for 'it'

and an L means that Lenny is particularly searching for 'it'.


Please send all your work through our Submittable portal below.  

At this stage, we would ask for 3 chapters and a short synopsis (under 500 words).

If you send it to an email address it can get lost or worse, forgotten about.  

So please utilise the Submittable link.


Thank you :)







   T      History (particularly Scottish)

   L/T   Memoir

   L       Esoteric (occult sciences in general)





    L/T    Historical 

    T       Sci-Fi 

    L/T    Dark psychological 

    T       Fantasy (urban/grimdark)  

          Fiction based (and/or dispora) in Africa/Caribbean






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