Cover of 'The Colour of Madness': a purple book cover with drawn images of brains in different shades of brown. Text in light lilac reads: 'The Colourof Madness: exploring BAME mental health in the UK'

For those past and present who were not able to tell their stories.

For those who told heir stories but were not heard.

For those who are steeling themselves, waiting for their moment to speak.


The Colour of Madness is a seminal anthology, comprised of poetry, fiction, essays, memoirs and art submitted by Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) writers, academics, mental health workers, artists and those who are still navigating life with mental health problems.

Prefaced by a foreword by scholar, psychologist and therapist Guilaine Kinouani, contributors' writings and artwork have been beautifully curated into seven colour-themed sections complete with colour plates.


This was a crowdfunded project, supported by those who knew that non-white experiences are often silenced in the mental health space or treated differently. We hoped to ignite dialogue and spotlight powerful voices that deserve to be heard - and we have certainly accomplished it. The Colour of Madness was launched in October and has featured in numerous events across Britain.

In the Press


'The Mental Health System is not Designed With Us in Mind.' Media Diversified.


'The Colour of Madness: Seeking Healthcare as a PoC.' gal-dem.

'Six New Anthologies To Make You Smarter This Winter.' Dazed.


'5 Books About Mental Health That Will Make you Feel Less Alone.' Bustle.




"I am really glad I read this book. It has opened my up to elements of society I was shamefully ignorant to. I know the impact of reading this will stay with me. I really believe so many people will benefit from reading this powerful collaboration."


One of the most interesting reads of the year written by two amazing researchers who shed light on BAME mental health. Highly recommend it."


As a British BAME reader, I can say without a doubt that this book is greatly needed. Being a British BAME has a unique set of challenges and there is more that needs to be done to support this as our communities struggle to have these important discussions. I highly recommend this book to BAME individuals especially and it was amazing to see myself reflected in the pages."

The Colour of Madness is available in bookshops and libraries in both paperback and hardback. If you don't have a stockist near you, you can grab a copy from Waterstones or order a physical copy or the ebook from Amazon.

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The Colour of Madness

Edited by Samara Linton and Rianna Walcott



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